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Events in Salento, Country festivals, utilities, rental companies in Lecce and Salento: is that and much more. It’a website that aims to inform tourists and citizens about events, exhibitions, concerts, performances, cinema, reading and free time that took place in Lecce and in Salento, a guide for users who want to keep up-to-date about cultural and non-cultural proposals offered by Lecce and the territory of Salento.
The question that more often a tourist asks is “What to do in Salento? This region will keep the expectations? What lies beyond the sea?”. LecceSalento is a guide to help to promote our city through events, parties, festivals, clubs, to rental companies.
During these years we realized that Lecce and Salento host well organized and interesting events, even throughout the year. Hence the idea to create a website that would gather the largest number of events in Lecce and in Salento, to give the opportunity to know what to do in Salento all year.
Every day we consult dozens of Web sites and portals of institutions, associations and companies that organize events and trips to improve the quality of the site and provide updated information.

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23 October 2017

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